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Renewed Strength


Your strength shall be renewed day by day like morning dew.”

-Psalm 110:3

Today you woke up with brand new mercies..

Today is a day that you have never seen before. Yesterday is a memory of the past, and there is absolutely nothing that you can change that happened yesterday.

There are people waiting for the exchange of words that you will have with them today.

Make sure you add to their lives. Make sure to say something uplifting, and encouraging. Don’t let them leave your presence the same way they were once they encountered you today.

Be God’s hands, feet, and lips today..

You have a fresh start today to get things done that you may have left undone yesterday.

Take advantage of this moment, and make it a good one..

You have everything you need for this day to happen! You are prepared.. Go make history!

NFL in Los Angeles, LOL

San Diego Chargers Quarterback Philip Rivers handing off the football. (Photo by Jevone Moore/Full Image 360)
San Diego Chargers Quarterback Philip Rivers handing off the football. (Photo by Jevone Moore/Full Image 360)

Los Angeles, Ca- The NFL back in Los Angeles, Carson, Inglewood, Downtown oh wait City of Industry. The current stadium plan or great leverage ploy is Carson two team Stadium plan for San Diego Chargers & Oakland Raiders. I guess the old saying is true opposites attract, now this togetherness for a joint venture or leverage tool. I see this more as a leverage tool to get their current cites to jump at their command.

I would love to have football overload right here in our backyard 24 home games with a Super Bowl guaranteed in five years. Look out Indianapolis the new home for the NFL combine at one of these venues, Pro Bowls in backdrop of Hollywood. Los Angeles boast the second largest metropolitan market region in the United States but can it really support three teams. I  can recall TV blackouts of home games of the Rams & Raiders and how soon will it be before this is true again.



As for now Carson Spokesman Fred Mackfarlane had lots of inspiring words about this 72,000 seat, 168 aches of land zoned for mixed use and jointly purchased by the Chargers and Raiders. Macfarlane said this venue is about, “Community Spirit, Pride, Economic Development, Jobs, and City Future.” All three venues would benefit greatly form boost a project of this size will bring. Tax revenues alone would help make it just a little bit easier to balance their budgets. So you can only image what the current cities feel about potentially losing a large chunk of money if their teams depart.

The Chargers have tried unsuccessfully for 14 years to build enough momentum to get a new stadium in their home city. San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer appointed a nine-member stadium advisory group to come up with a recommendation for a stadium site and a financing plan last month, but the team has viewed that effort as a futile, last-ditch attempt to keep the team in San Diego.

The Raiders currently play in the aging Oakland Coliseum. The rundown stadium has had sewage and electrical problems in the past year, and now is the only stadium in the U.S. used as the home for both an NFL and a Major League Baseball team, the Oakland Athletics. The team wants to build a new stadium at the site, but talks with the city have shown little progress.

The Rams have been in a similar struggle with St. Louis but have made progress with a burgeoning plan for a 64,000-seat stadium on the city’s north riverfront.

Chargers Defense at Qualcomm Stadium
Chargers Defense at Qualcomm Stadium

The owners run the NFL with the idea of making more money and stability. Sports fans in So Cal will be watching the news and football on TV like we all have for the last 20 years.


Global Theft Ring

A hacking ring has stolen up to $1 Billion dollars from banks around the world. This is one of the biggest banking breaches; infiltrated more than 100 banks in 30 countries. American banks were targeted but at this time no breaches have been confirmed on our soil.
The hackers methods was slow and study watching, learning how these banks moved and balanced accounts. Dating back to 2013 they got into the different systems by sending random emails to bank employees. Once the employees clicked on a link, the virus was free to roam and spy on employees on their banks financial systems. After gaining enough info they would use a few different methods to gain about $10 million as their ceiling that made it hard to detected.
They used a few methods to get funds from the banks in plain sight. The Hackers reprogrammed ATMs to dispense money at specific times and set up fake accounts to transfer money into them. These types continued to work to the tune of $10 Million through Online Banking, and another $7.3 Million at ATMs.
So as things get more and more computerized look for more security but we have to remember the brains to make the firewalls security are also the same brains to hack them. Be smart and check your balances to avoid you accounts from being hit.
Global Theft

Miss Duniya Beauty Pageant

Los Angeles, Ca-Live at the Sofitel Hotel will be the site for this year highly anticipated Kick-Off Party for Miss Duniya Beauty Pageant 2015. Special guest will include Elliot Yamin, Jeffery Christopher Todd, Sid Mallya, Gulshan Grover, Pooja Batra and many others.The pageant itself provides an opportunity for young women to engage in a glamorous display of beauty, poise, grace, intelligence and humanity. The pageant will be an exciting multi-media entertainment event. Using state of the art web platforms, it will allow the public to engage with young contestants over the course of the pageant activities including the final crowning of our “Miss Duniya” for 2015.

Miss Duniya is a global beauty pageant which will make its debut in December of 2015 in the Entertainment Capital of the Duniya Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. The pageant is futuristic, and seeks to “Empower Women” from all walks of life. Very attractive cash and other prizes are available for our finalists. The winner of the pageant will also be closely associated with the Miss Duniya Team in lending a helping hand towards uplifting people less fortunate than herself.

Miss Duniya celebrates the empowerment of women in every facet of life. Our pageant will be a stepping stone for women who envision to empower other women by giving them a platform where they can provide a helping hand and voice their opinion globally. Women achieve their success in many ways, whether it is as mothers and family matriarchs, as executives, as politicians, or as scholars and now they will as a beauty queen. – Women all around the global are climbing the ladder of success one step at time. The Miss Duniya organization believes every woman should be empowered to fulfill her destiny. We will spread the message to help every young woman believe in herself and her future, and to further be a leader and a role model for their community. Our message for all women throughout the Duniya is: “Believe in yourself, become who you are meant to be.” We strongly support the idea that knowledge is power. By educating themselves and the community globally it will allow a new avenue to open up to myriads of beliefs that will shed light into accelerating women empowerment. By becoming an advocate and helping educate the society on what the true beauty of women empowerment is, any woman will be able to become “Miss Duniya”.

For more info please go to http://missduniya.us/ or contact Charmaine Blake PR Firm

A Coach, Mentor, Father Figure & Friend : Coach Lynch

Coach Lynch accepting 500th Win Award from Mrs. Angela Evans CEO of Frederick K.C. Price III Christian Schools

Los Angeles, Ca-Head Coach Michael Lynch has hit 500 wins with The Price Knights basketball program. Coach has been making noise in the CIF Southern Section for 19 years with  a record of 500 – 98 (83.6% winning percentage) at Price. The school celebrated this great milestone  on Senior night for this 2015 season with a video presentation of past players and staff.

During every break on senior night the presentation played on the video boards with a resounding theme: Coach Lynch was more than just a coach, he was a Mentor, Role model, Father figure and Friend. Coach’s passions and discipline shows through the success of his players being ready for life on and off the court.

Furthermore, he has been honored as Coach of the Year by the CIF in 1999, The Southern California Interscholastic Basketball Coaches Association Coach of the Year in 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003,The Los Angeles Times Coach of the Year and Two Time Wave Newspaper Coach of the Year.

Starting off with just 8 players and two parking cones, in the former gym he lovingly refers to as “the barn,” the boys’ basketball program has become nationally known, under his leadership. In its short time, Price High boasts an impressive track record of 11 league championships (at times they were a freelance team), 10 CIF Championships, 8 Regional Championships and 6 State Championships. To date, the Knights hold the record as the only one of two schools to win 4 consecutive boys basketball state championships in all of CIF history.

Out of the over 150 young men that he has coached, more than 29 (almost 20%) of Coach Lynch’s players have received scholarships to many well known colleges across the country.

Here are the stats: 19 players have received Division I scholarships, 4 players have received Division II scholarships, 5 players have received Division III/NAIA scholarships, 1 player has received a Canadian Division I scholarship, and Countless players have gone on to play at the Junior College level.

Price Knights Basketball (Photo by Jevone Moore)
Price Knights Basketball (Photo by Jevone Moore)

Clippers Cool off The Pistons

Glen Big Baby Davis on Fall Away. Photo by Full Image 360
Blake Griffin On His Way Up For A Nasty Dunk. Photo by Full Image 360
Blake Griffin On His Way Up For A Nasty Dunk. Photo by Full Image 360

Los Angeles, Ca-The Big question, Which Clippers team will take the floor tonight? The Staples center Clippers fans knew the answer when Blake Griffin set up a pair of alley-oop dunks by Jordan 68 seconds apart, capping a 16-4 run that turned a one-point deficit into a 47-36 lead with 4:41 left in the second quarter. The real Clippers (17-7) add a home 113-91 victory over the Detroit Pistons (5-20). I guess have good home cooked meal does has its advantages.

The Clippers pulled away in the second half and allowed some valuable rest for the starters. Griffin led his team with 18 points, 7 rebounds and 7 assist in only 31 minutes. The other big spark on the night was reserve guard Jordan Farmer who poured in 15 big points at key situations to make sure the Pistons didn’t make a run to catch them. Doc Rivers was very happy with the teams ball movement on offense 35 assists on 43 field goals made, shooting 53.8 percent from the floor and 50 percent from 3-point range, as six different players hit from deep. Pistons coach Stan Van Gundy agreed, “They shot the ball very well, moved the ball very well, and we could not keep up. They totally tore our defense apart.”

Griffin Battling on The Block. Photo by Full Image 360
Griffin Battling on The Block. Photo by Full Image 360

Jodie Meeks was Pistons leading scorer with 20 points with three 3 pointers on the night.   Center Andre Drummond had 18 points, 13 rebounds, and Greg Monroe 15 points, 8 rebounds. The Pistons big men kept the game close in the first half boxing out for good position for rebound and second chance points. The rest of the starters were held under double digits for scoring. Detroit star Brandon Jennings had 6 points, 6 assists and 1 steal, not much of homecoming for Compton Dominguez High School player.

The Clippers get one more home game on this trip, Wednesday night against Indiana Pacers (8-17) at Staples Center. On the Clippers day off December 16, they will be spreading some Christmas Joy to kids in So. Cal. DeAndre Jordan is donating two basketball rims to a local Charter school; Chris Paul teamed up with Kevin Hart for bunch of kids to have shopping spree at Toys r us, and Jamal Crawford having gift boxes giveaway in Compton. Just a little bit of the good things we don’t always hear about from pro athletes, Go Clippers!

Jerry Shines Bright at Jerry’s World

2014 NCAA Football

Arlington Tx- The stage was set for the second showdown in AT&T Stadium this college season. The state of Texas fans of college football had the pleasure of seeing #12 ranked Ucla Bruins (3-0) beat the Texas Longhorns (1-2) in Advocare Cowboy Showdown in a thriller 20-17 game.  How ironic being at the stadium nicknamed “Jerry’s World” for an unlikely hero being Ucla backup quarterback Jerry Neuheisel to save the day. Jerry found wide receiver Jordan Payton on hitch and go route, with a pump fake the corner bit and 33 yards later Payton found pay dirt to secure the victory with that touchdown leaving only 3 minutes on the clock.

The lights were bright and both teams had something to prove in this showdown. The headlines were normal for Ucla which Bruin team will show up for the big game. Texas game plan was don’t let Brett Hundley Ucla starting quarterback bet us. Longhorns captain blew the coin toss giving the Bruins both kickoffs at start of the game and to start the 3rd quarter by wanting to be on defense after the Bruins already deferred their choice to the second half. On the opening drive of the third quarter the Bruins who were trailing 3-10 at the half drove 75 yards on seven plays to score and tie game 10-10. This was a big shift in momentum for the team looking for greatness out of Jerry the backup.

2014 NCAA Football

From the moment Jerry came in the game to replace the injured Hundley at 4:29 mark in first quarter after an 11 yard scramble that was costly due to some injury to non throwing arm. Jerry had to be ready at a moment’s notice and fill in during this battle, Jerry said “You’re just kinda ready for it. Obviously there are some nerves but it’s your job as a backup quarterback to go in and take control and lead your team to victory.” The team responded to him well and Head Coach Jim Mora allowed Jerry to gain confidence with high percentage passing plays and an aggressive running game that was clicking. The committee of running backs out gained Texas by 105 yards on the day while averaging 4.6 yards a carry. The offensive line stepped up the blocking making holes to allow the chains to keep moving and allowing manageable 3rd down situations.

2014 NCAA Football

Ucla’s defense really stepped up in this hostile Texas home game despite being designated the home team for this special game. Captain Linebacker Eric Kendricks lead the team with 7 solo, 4 asst & 11 total tackles for the game. But even more being that defensive leader on the field communicating to others was huge for the Bruins. Both Safeties starting their first game for the Bruins defense was #21 Tahaan Goodman who made some great hits and applied some tight coverage also adding 3 tackles. Then there was true freshman #2 Jaleel Wadood who seemed to thrive in bright lights being one year removed from St. John Bosco high school in Bellflower. Wadood was all over the field showing he belonged amassing 6 solo, 3 asst for total 9 tackles in his new role as a starter. I know the whole secondary made defensive back coach Demetrice Martin proud.   This game was great team effort to be victories and remaining undefeated.

2014 NCAA Football

The Bruins have a bye this week and will have opportunity to work on next game plan to stop strong arm quarterback of Arizona State senior Taylor Kelly. This game will be on the road in Tempe, Az  Thursday September 25, at 7pm labeled “The Blackout”

WNBA – Chicago Sky Over The Sparks

Los Angeles, Ca-The Los Angeles Sparks (6-9) came up short in the end against the Chicago Sky (8-8) 83-90. The Sparks went in at the half holding on to a slim 3 point lead. They had a 12 point lead at one point in the 1st half before the Sky stormed back in the second half.  The team’s last tie of the game was at 70 a piece with 5:15 left in 4th qtr. Then the Sky dropped two quick 3 pointers to take lead 76-70, which was enough to close it out.

The Sparks stars, Nneka Ogwumike lead the team with 26 points, 6 rebounds, and team captain Candace Parker added 22 points, 3 block shots for the game. As a team the Sparks only shot 45% for the game while the Sky shot 52% with 5 players in double figures.  The Sky’s point guard Jamierra Faulkner had her way against the Sparks defense scoring 27 points.  The Sky won the battle of points in the paint +12, and 2nd chance points +8. So by the numbers the Sky won the passion box scores.

Parker started off the game hitting a nice 18 foot jump shot to tie the game 2-2 and allowed the fans to sit down after the 1st basket. Both teams battled back and forth with good defense on display.  Ogwumike got a big steal that lead to a Spark fast break followed by Kristi Toliver being fouled and made 1 free throw to stretch lead to 5 points 23-18 at 1:56 left 1st quarter.  A few more back & forth baskets allowed the Sparks to finish with lead after 1 period 27-22. During 2nd quarter Parker heated up scoring 7 points, the Sparks had their largest lead of 12 points at 6:35 mark before the half.  The Sky Head Coach Pokey Chatman called a key timeout that fired up her team. The momentum clearly was changing from that point and the Sky began to crawl back slowly.

By the time the second half came around the Sky took a 4 point lead 52-48, 12 minutes later then the Sparks had their largest lead. By the end of 3rd quarter the lead was pushed to 7 points for the Sky. Whatever words Chatman said to her team was enough to keep them grinding. The Sparks need to find a way win games like this at home. This victory came for the Sky just off desire and will. The stars played well for the Sparks but they need to uplift the whole team’s performance to win the close ones. The Sparks get a chance to forget about this loss as they travel to Seattle Storm (7-11) Thursday July 3rd.

Kiss Quiet The Thunder

Owner Paul Stanley taking in a game.
Back up QB Kenny Guiton down on Goal Line looking for daylight. Photo by Jevone Moore / Full Image 360
Back up QB Kenny Guiton down on Goal Line looking for daylight. Photo by Jevone Moore / Full Image 360

Anaheim, Ca- The LA Kiss had been grinding and pushing week after week for that next victory. All that hard work paid off with a 69 – 61 win over the visiting Portland Thunder. The Kiss held the lead wire to wire and never let the Thunder sniff the lead. The fans were treated to high scoring affair and a dance show by offensive tackle / fullback Andres Vargas who did the splits at 320 pounds.

The first score was a quick, a 5 yard touchdown to Donovan Morgan who finished the game with team high three touchdowns. On Portland first possession flowing a personal foul quarterback Kyle Rowley fumbles and Kiss linebacker Matt Estrada recovers it for 5 yards touchdown bringing the Kiss to 14-0 lead.  The team built up a great game on the arm of Aaron Garicia who finished with 5 touchdowns on 24 completions, 289 yards.

Portland came into the game just as hungry for a win as the Kiss did but a slow start left them chasing all game.  Their quarterback Kyle Rowley being under pressure most of the game still managed to throw for 362 yards and seven touchdowns.   Eric Rogers was Portland standout with four touchdown catches with a team high 144 yards.

Portland DB with Pick 6 Dive. Photo by Jevone Moore / Full Image 360
Portland DB with Pick 6 Dive. Photo by Jevone Moore / Full Image 360

This game was all about the LA Kiss and the moves by head coach Bob McMillen finding a way to win. The uniforms are the same but few new wrinkles and additions. New return man AJ Cruz was inserted in after an injury at defensive back and played well for his DB Coach Mark Ricks. On the offensive side newly acquired backup quarterback Kenny Guiton came in to run little option for a touchdown and crucial 1st down to keep a drive alive in first half that lead to a score. The always faithful Captain Donovan Morgan showed his skills as normal leading team with three touchdowns. Morgan always a flair for the dramatics caught a nice over wall diving touchdown.

Now the Kiss can look to build on this satisfying win and heal up their bumps and bruises. The next task for Paul Stanley’s team is to travel to Arizona and face the undefeated Rattlers on Saturday June 21st. The Kiss will get an opportunity to do what no other team has done yet this year, which is beat the Rattlers.

Rattlers Strike The Kiss

AJ Cruz finding daylight on kickoff return. Photo by Jevone Moore / Full Image 360
AJ Cruz finding daylight on kickoff return. Photo by Jevone Moore / Full Image 360

Anaheim, Ca -The Big bad raining back to back Arena Bowl Champions Arizona Rattlers (10-0) struck the LA Kiss (2-8) hard 70-25. The Kiss are still looking for the right mix on offense and defense to secure their next win. The Rattlers came in all business and continue to show the AFL how to get it done week in and week out.  The Kiss did show a little flashes of greatness on the field tonight.

The game started with the Kiss scoring first on two yard run by their new weapon Andres Vargas a big tackle converted to Tight end-Full Back hybrid. Vargas’ number was called a few times tonight during short yardage situations.  It took the Rattlers midway through first quarter before they scored on 20 yard touchdown pass to Kerry Reed at 7:50 mark. Then a few series later the Kiss looking to respond back, gave up a pick six to the Rattlers defensive back Marquis Floyd. Now with the lead 14-7 the Rattlers never looked back after that point. When the teams went to halftime the Rattlers had stretched the lead to 16, 35-19H.

The change at quarterback for the Kiss brought future AFL HOF Aaron Garcia. He had an okay game when he wasn’t picking himself off the rug from a big hit. Garcia went 13/25 for 173 yards, 1 TD, back up Tyler Hansen add small spark two touchdown (1 yard Rush, 2 yard Pass). The constant stars for the Kiss are still Donovan “Captain” Morgan 8 catches for 89 yards 1 TD, and bunch key receptions off of sure effort. Then return man AJ Cruz who is always a threat on kickoff return to go the distance. He had 10 returns for 270 yards and a long 52 to the Rattlers 14 yard line before being face masked and stopping him from scoring.

LA Kiss Dancers showing off their skills. Photo by Jevone Moore / Full Image 360
LA Kiss Dancers showing off their skills. Photo by Jevone Moore / Full Image 360

Once the Arizona Rattlers got going those Snakes slithered through the desert with easy and little resistance. Quarterback Nick Davila slashed the Kiss backfield up for 6 touchdown amassing 236 yards on 16/25 passes.  Davila spread the ball around tonight with 4 different receivers catching touchdown passes. He did have a favorite Kerry Reed, who led all receivers with 4 touchdowns himself on 101 yards receiving.

The Kiss have another week of practice with the new members on the roster before they travel up north to face San Jose Sabercats (7-3). In their first meeting it was a close battle that the Kiss loss 48-32. The LA Kiss will be watch at home and will be looking forward to seeing their team compete and get that much need victory.

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