Don’t Forget to Dream

And Joseph dreamed a dream, and he told it to his brethren, and they hated him yet the more.

Genesis 37:5

Dare to dream.. dream again with no excuses!

There will be people all around you who will be like Joseph’s brothers,

……but keep dreaming!

Dream big! Aim for the sky! I admit wholeheartedly, It can be difficult to dream when your dreams take so long to come to pass, but don’t stop dreaming!

It can also be difficult to dream when you have little or no support fro those who you believe should be encouraging your dreams.

However, don’t let that shake you.. stop ‘expecting others’ , and ‘EXPECT GOD’!

Remember, it was 30 years or more until Joseph saw his dreams manifest! In between the dream and his promise, he was hated on, sold into slavery, lied on, forgotten, thrown into prison, yet the bible says: ‘And the Lord was with Joseph’!

It take a determined faith and trust in God to keep the dream in your heart alive! ..and remember, it’s ALL about God’s timing! Your duty is to DREAM!

DREAM.. no matter what.. and watch God move…

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Kurt Lykes is a published songwriter and author, and is currently the Director of Worship Arts at The Center of Hope in Inglewood, Ca. Kurt leads worship throughout the nation, his primary gift being one that equips and develops the Body of Christ in the area of worship. Kurt expresses his love and passion for his inspirational devotionals and songwriting by saying, "What comes from the heart reaches the heart, and I believe what people are searching for is something they can relate to. I believe my gift has been given to capture that reader and / or listener, and their heart, so that they can experience and prayerfully begin to understand God’s captivating love.”