The Color Purple World Premier in Los Angeles

Los Angeles, CA- As the velvet ropes part and the flashbulbs ignite, stepping onto the purple carpet was an exhilarating journey into a world where glamour, black excellence and anticipation intertwined. The air was charged with excitement, like homecoming or the bayou classic.

Flashing Lights, and devoted escorts to capture all of the fashion and noteworthy presence was a sight to behold.  Surrounded by the hum of animated conversations, familiar faces, and new connections, attendees glided through the crowd effortlessly to celebrate the Bold new take on the beloved classic.

You are in for a treat with this new adaptation of The Color Purple.  This star-studded film will take you on a journey through sisterhood, healing, forgiveness, and triumph.

The experience of the Purple Carpet transcends a mere walk; it was a symbolic journey of achievement, talent, and the pursuit of excellence, a reminder of what is current, relevant and visible.  The Leadership Circle formed in support of the project showed much glee as each person greeted one another.  Cameras captured the magic, freezing moments in time that will become indelible memories in shared sister and brotherhood.

Mosi Odom