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LA Wildcats pull off a shocker

Photo by Jerry Kelly

The DC Defenders are arguably one of the best teams in the XFL. Their social media handle prior to their game against the LA Wildcats was all deked out in going 13-0, thinking that no team would stand in their way. In a way they were allowed to talk in that sort of sense. Last week they took care of an incomplete New York Guardians team in a 27-0 shut out and had a solid offensive outing from Cardale Jones, going for 276 yards passing with two touchdowns, and combined for over 100 yards rushing. The LA Wildcats, meanwhile, didn’t have enough in a late comeback against Dallas, and their direction was also going a bit south. There was every reason to believe that this matchup would be lopsided.

Photo by Jerry Kelly

Well, it was lopsided. And every LA Wildcat left Dignity Health Stadium with a much different outlook to the 2020 season. A 39-9 win had twitter blowing up and really giving it to anyone who thought the Defenders find this an easy matchup.

In fact, just last week, the DC Defenders made a trade with the Wildcats with LA getting defensive captain Anthony Johnson. Johnson called it a prayer leaving just after the fiasco the Wildcats had letting go of their defensive coordinator after just one game.

Coach Winston Moss was given the game ball after the team first win in franchise history took place.

“This isn’t about me, this is about all of us. We’re just getting started. We gotta be ready to go to work on Tuesday.” said LA Wildcats coach Moss

Seems like the Wildcats had the last laugh in all of this.

Photo by Jerry Kelly

In a crowd of just under 13,000, the Wildcats gave the fans what they were looking for. Jones had an off day throwing four interceptions. LA also got out to an explosive 27-0 lead in the first half all set up by a handful of turnovers. Josh Johnson bounced back as well throwing for over 275 yards and three touchdowns. He even managed a 45 yard strike, something he couldn’t muster up last week.

“I’m proud how we responded. Coach challenged us at the beginning of the week to not focus on our record, to not focus on their record,” Johnson said in a postgame interview on FS1. “It’s only one game.

“Now we gotta get our season rolling.”

“Josh really prepared, not only himself, but he got this team prepared,” Wildcats head coach Winston Moss said. “He challenged the players for more commitment, more dedication, and the results speak for themselves. I think that the players really found out what it took to go deep and dig deep and find out what they were made of. They had to really make a concerted effort to get this first victory. I know it was hard for them; they were pressed all week long and they responded very well today.”

Tre McBride also dazzled with over 100 yards receiving.

With the Wildcats getting their first win off their backs, their next step is raising their attendance. Bringing in under 13,000 in week 3 was the lowest attendance out of the four home games. In fact, out of the first 12 games this season, the Wildcats numbers Sunday afternoon were the lowest for any home game for any team thus far. They don’t return back to Los Angeles until March 8, but they are competing with an NBA hometown showdown with the Lakers and Clippers. The only benefit: kickoff is set for 6PM while the basketball showdown tips off at 12:30. As head coach Winston Moss mentioned in week 2: If you win, fans will come. The Wildcats found a way to win big against one of the better teams in the league. Now they have to worry about keeping afloat and being noticed.


           The Pebble Beach Tournament is an experience that will help you think about what you want out of life and can motivate you to make those dreams come true. Watching the tournament on television captures the professional golfers and looks similar to the other tournaments where a few privileged individuals compete over the weekend for an insane amount of money. 

The average person cannot relate to this lifestyle. For the non-golfing spouse, who would want to stand around in silence while unknown people come to put a ball in a hole? Pebble will help you overcome this common misperception. Once you attend Pebble, you will return to Pebble. Here are 5 reasons why this experience may change your life. 

Harold Varner III (All Photos by Terry Collins)

1. It’s The Perfect Mix Of Golf And Entertainment

The competitors consist of the top-ranked golf professionals, the entertainers that brought you joy and the athletes that are part of your morning routine. The purse for the winner is $7.8 million and all the participants are serious players. No other tournament allows a fan to sunbathe on the beach, drink their favorite libation and wait for people that they know and love to continuously perform for them within 50 feet.  

You get to see the true pros Phil Mickelson, Jason Day, Kevin Streelman and the rest of the field attempt to chase down the winner Nick Taylor. The television cannot capture the energy of the tournament and the tension at the hole. You actually get to see the landscaping of the course, how the grass is contoured to make the ball curve, and how these pitfalls require a level of skill that your neighborhood golf course does not require. You will want to elevate your level of play to get to this level.Playing on a team with the pro is another person that has also brought you some fond memories. Whether it was the Great One Wayne Gretzky scoring the goal, Peyton Manning or Aaron Rogers throwing the touchdown pass that made you scream at the television, or Bill Murray making you laugh, they all are there to perform for you. You get to see the big screen come to life while these people are amenable to having a conversation with you after they leave the hole. There is someone for everyone that attends Pebble.

2. There Is Entertainment And Great Food At The Tournament

The tournament coordinators understand that people need to be entertained. In 2020, award-winning artist Macklemore was there to provide some entertainment. The AT&T Loft allows everyone to put on a simulator for free. The simulator moves and recreates the course and gives the average Joe a chance to see if he or she would have made the iconic shot from a previous tournament.  

There are amazing food vendors throughout the main course at Pebble where people can partake in everything from nachos to exotic seafood dishes. Many people opt to enjoy the wild décor of Clint’s Saloon or Palmer’s Club 18 presented by Citrix.

Pebble did not forget about the kids. Take the youngsters to the “Autograph Zone” where they can get a selfie and autograph from their favorite celebrity. During the tournament, many people log onto social media and post all the excitement of the event.

3. The Nearby Attractions Are Amazing

The tournament will be over by 5 pm. There are so many things to do that are within a 10-20 mile radius of the tournament. Many people opt to leave a little early to catch the perfect sunset while they drive or bike the infamous 17-Mile Drive. Others take a horseback ride on the Beach or visit Cannery Row and the Monterey Bay Aquarium. You can also find vintage and high-end arts and clothing as you shop on Ocean Drive at Carmel By the Sea. Fine dining, gourmet candy shops, and award-winning Vineyards and Tasting Rooms are 5 miles away in Carmel Valley. If you need some exercise, you can run along the beach at the nearby Monterey Tides or hike at Point Lobos or Big Sur. The white sandy beaches tend to provide for sanctuary and reflection that we all sometimes need. A few groups opted to travel to the places depicted in the phenomenal HBO Series Big Little Lies, which was filmed in Monterey, CA. 

4. The Energy From The Staff Is Amazing

The 3 courses at Pebble include the mainstay Pebble Beach, Monterey Peninsula C.C. Shore Course and Spyglass Hills. Every course is a postcard picture in itself and is the most diverse and magnificent scenery in golf. What is more impressive than the scenery are the people that host the tournament. The vast majority of personnel are volunteers. Instead of experiencing the underpaid worker that doesn’t truly want to be there, you get someone who is ecstatic to be there. One couple travels annually from Kansas City to help at the tournament. Even though they are escaping the winter in KC, they opt to spend the week helping you enjoy and understand the history of the tournament. Pebble also provides a huge party for its volunteers and makes sure that they are appreciated. There is another level of concierge and positive energy when the staff wants to be present. The energy from the time you enter the gates ofPeeble is extremely positive and refreshing. 

5. Pebble May Refocus Your Value System

There is nothing that challenges your value system like money. Pebble is affluent. As you to approach the course, you are surrounded by homes that cost $2 million. If you want a peek at the water, pay $4 million. If you want a home on the course, pay upward of $20 million. This will be your second home and you have not purchased furniture. 

There is nothing wrong with wanting to grind harder and achieve these goals. However, you see many couples holding hands while walking around. They tend to have been reminded that they are part of a team. A team that consists of more than money and things. The partnership and the journey are just as valuable as the purchase.   

In sum, the Pebble Beach Tournament may bring you fond memories, breathtaking views, great food and entertainment, and a renewed value system. Put it on your bucket list. 

It was a tight finish on the Last day at Riviera as Adam Scott Claims Genesis Invitational

Courtesy Photo

Pacific Palisades, CA- Matt Kuchar held the lead for the first three rounds and most of the fourth at Riviera Country Club, but it was Adam Scott (-11) who was able edge out Kuchar to walk away as the 2020 Genesis Invitational Champion.

“It’s incredibly satisfying to win a tournament of this stature on a golf course of this stature. It was a wonderful week, it was incredibly enjoyable just being here with the weather like this, the course in perfect condition and a great field,” said Scott “Even better to come out on top and kind of have your game really tested today. It was not easy and that was most enjoyable to kind of see that my game is holding up to that.”

Genesis Courtesy Photo

Scott, Kuchar and Rory McIlroy were tied for the lead at 10-under par after the third round.  After two rounds of 68 and one of 67, McIlroy had his worst round on Sunday shooting a 73. He finished the tournament tied for fifth at -8.

“Yeah, yeah, definitely the toughest day of the week.” said McIlroy , “The wind was up, hole locations were sort of tricky spots, the course was firming up again.”

Kuchar finished the tournament tied for second. Like McIlroy, Kuchar also had his worst round on Sunday, shooting a 72.

“It’s tricky, knowing that I didn’t have my best stuff. Proud of the way I kind of held up and managed around this golf course. There are weeks where you really have it, you’re in control and you think the game’s easy,” said Kuchar, “Certainly was really pleased to feel like I was able to make the most of what I had. So I look back at this week and say it was a good run, I made the most of what I had.”

Scott Brown and Sung Kang also tied for 2nd place, along with Kuchar.

Host of the Tournament, Tiger Woods, finished in last place with a score of 11 over par.

Wildcats slow to show off XFL Legacy in Home Opener

XFL Running-back #34 Cameron ArtispPayne of the Dallas Renegades during the Renegades 25-18 win against the Los Angeles Wildcats, at Dignity Health Sports Park, in Carson Ca., on February 16, 2020. (Daniel Bowyer)

With the XFL 20 years removed, it all seemed like an afterthought with the league going one and done when NBC bailed and no other major market waned to touch the league. Fans of the league remember how different the staging was compared to what the NFL wanted to portray: custom jersey names, removing the coin toss from the kickoff and instead making it a free for all, and giving fans access to practically everything, all down to the cheerleader locker rooms.

20 years later, nearly everyone forgot that the Los Angeles Xtreme were actually a pretty good football team. They were also winners of the only XFL championship, finishing also with a 7-3 record and had won most of their games by double digits. Of course, when you have an eventual NFL super bowl winning quarterback like Tommy Maddox and a CFL standout like Jermaine Copeland, teams like that will be hard to beat.

Wide receiver #18 Adonis Jennings of the Los Angeles Wildcats during the Dallas Renegades 25-18 win against the Wildcats, at Dignity Health Sports Park, in Carson Ca., on February 16, 2020. (Daniel Bowyer)

Los Angeles was then awarded with a second chance at the league that has revamped itself as trying to not compete with anyone else. With far different rules compared to the NFL, fans on Sunday were treated to a much different, and arguably more fan friendly experience. Fans got shout-outs from the players all game long. They were greeted to a much more inexpensive football experience full of pregame parties, autographs from the players, and in your face action.

With all the positives outside of the game, inside was a little different. The Wildcats last week were manhandled by Houston which led to the firing of defensive coordinator Pepper Johnson. Their defense was much better against Dallas on Sunday, but both sides could not score. In fact, the Wildcats drove the ball inside the Renegades 10 yard line, only to cough up the football. Back and forth the two teams were unable to find the endzone until the fourth quarter when Josh Johnson found Nelson Spruce in the back of the endzone to give the Wildcats their first lead of the 2020 season.

Dallas eventually found the endzone after the ensuing Wildcats touchdown with Cameron Curtis Payne capping off a six play drive going 68 yards in just three minutes. By then both offenses picked everything up, but trading touchdowns ended up going into the hands of Dallas with a 25-18 victory.

“The adjustments in the second half kept us in,” Johnson said. “But the entire game we left a lot on the field, and I mean a lot. We have to use this week in practice to get mentally better.”

“Right now we are just making mistakes,” Spruce said. “The only good news is that we aren’t getting overmatched completely. But

Mascot for the Los Angeles Wildcats at Dignity Health Sports Park, in Carson Ca., on February 16, 2020. (Daniel Bowyer)

All in all though, it seemed like that fans cared more about being in the action more than anything else. The announced crowd of 14,979 made the game the way it was. All the oos and ahhs after each play, starting waves that rocked the stadium, and your usual fight in the stands breaking out here and there gave everyone the full on experience that certainly will want people to come out again, so it seems.

“This was definitely a different experience, and a great one at that,” Wildcats head coach Winston Moss said. “The great thing about Los Angeles is if we win, the city will back you up. I am disappointed that we didn’t get the win today, but I am thrilled that the fans showed up and I definitely felt a lot of that today.”

XFL Running-back #25 Lance Dunbar of the Dallas Renegades during the Renegades 25-18 win against the Los Angeles Wildcats, at Dignity Health Sports Park, in Carson Ca., on February 16, 2020. (Daniel Bowyer)

At 0-2, the Wildcats do appear to be far apart from teams like DC and Houston. Having late scoring surges trying to keep up will make this short 10 week season drag in a hurry if they can’t find themselves. Taking on a DC team that has already scored 58 points through the first two weeks could already be sensing trouble for the Wildcats in week 3.

“We have a lot of work to do,” Moss said. “Right now it’s a ball security issue. We can’t win games if we can’t take care o the football. During our practices that is one of our main focuses. If we can’t take care of the football, there is no way we can win in any type of football game.”

Oregon extends winning streak with dominating win over USC

The USC women’s basketball team kept it close early but the No. 3 Oregon Ducks used strong shooting in the second half to defeat the Trojans, 93-67, Sunday afternoon at the Galen Center. 

The Ducks won their 12 straight game and improve to 24-2 overall  and 13-1 in Pac-12 play. USC drops to 13-12 and 5-9. 

Oregon vs USC Women’s Basketball at Galen Center. (Photo by Stephanie Lovell)

“The difference in defending them than anybody else, they’ve got five kids that are 40 percent three-point shooters,” USC coach Mark Trakh said.

USC got off to a hot start with a 7-0 early lead. The Ducks offense woke up and went on a 6-0 run to take a 10-point lead with 4:46 left in the first half. Oregon went into halftime with a 43-32 lead. 

Oregon continued their hot shooting from beyond the arc in the third quarter. Sabrina Ionescu drained a three-pointer from the corner to give the ducks a 20-point lead. 

Oregon vs USC Women’s Basketball at Galen Center. (Photo by Stephanie Lovell)

Erin Boley made four three-pointers in the third quarter and the Ducks outscored USC 25-18 to pull away from the Trojans. 

“The perimeter players were open for 3s, so we took advantage of it,” Boley said. “We didn’t come out to a great start. That’s definitely something we need to work on, coming out and playing to our level and not playing to whoever our competition is.”

Boley went 9-of-14 from the floor, 7-of-11 from three-point range for a season-high 25 points to lead the way today for Oregon. 

Oregon vs USC Women’s Basketball at Galen Center. (Photo by Stephanie Lovell)

Ionescu finished 12 points, 13 assists and seven rebounds, notching her team-leading 14th double-double of the year and 52nd of her career.

The Trojans concluded a stretch of playing five ranked opponents in six games, beating only the ranked Oregon State Beavers and unranked California.

USC will be back in action when they visit the Washington Huskies in a 7 p.m. battle on Friday, Feb. 21.

Kuchar in three way tie teeing off Sunday

Second round of the Genesis Invitational at the Rivera Country Club in Los Angeles, Ca on February 15, 2020. Jevone Moore

Pacific Palisades, CA – Matt Kuchar still hold on to the lead after 48 holes of golf, but not without letting two other players be tied for the lead.

Matt Kuchar during the second round of the Genesis Invitational at the Rivera Country Club in Los Angeles, Ca on February 15, 2020. Jevone Moore

The Sunday final group all at -10 under-par will be ready for battle royal with Rory Mcllroy, Adam Scott and Kuchar.

The back nine today was not kind to Kuchar who dropped three boogies on two par 4’s and last one on par 3 16th hole. Good for him that he still managed to capture for birdies during this round.

” I absolutely love the course. I think it gets rave reviews across the board by everybody,” said Kuchar, ” Anytime you get greens firm, it is hard to get them close to the hole, a golf course just plays that much harder. “

Rory Mcllroy during the second round of the Genesis Invitational at the Rivera Country Club in Los Angeles, Ca on February 15, 2020. Jevone Moore

Rory Mcllroy made a big push to share the 48 hole lead making four birdies with only one boogy for a round of 68.

” I felt like I hit it well, I hit it well all day, especially at the start of the round, but I felt like every time I hit a decent shot I left myself on the wrong side of the hole,” said Mcllroy, ” I think you just have to worry about yourself, concentrate on what you’re doing, do it well, set yourself a target, don’t think about anyone else…”

He knows he has to concentrate on his game and not his opponents on Sunday.

The second to the last group will be looking to jump in clubhouse with a good number trying to steal the trophy. Harold Varner III and Russell Henley are both only 1 shot off the leaders with a little less pressure hole to hole.

Varner normally slows down on the weekend but Saturday making six birdies was strong that has Sunday being a very important round of golf for him.

Harold Varner III during the second round of the Genesis Invitational at the Rivera Country Club in Los Angeles, Ca on February 15, 2020. Jevone Moore

This week with the great weather the course has played fast for the players in the fairways and on the greens.

The tournament host Tiger Woods had a rough Saturday being up and down on his score card to almost just play himself out of contention.

Tiger will tee off being 15 shots off the lead so almost mathematically out of contention.

Tiger during the second round of the Genesis Invitational at the Rivera Country Club in Los Angeles, Ca on February 15, 2020. Jevone Moore

” Well, that was a lot of shots. I hit the ball quite a few times, especially on the greens, and it was a long day, said Woods ” That’s the way golf is, put it in the past and try to learn from what I did right and wrong. Obviously there wasn’t a whole lot I did right today, and figure it out for tomorrow.”

Get ready for a great Sunday at the RIV! Leaders will tee off at 10:45am on the first tee.

Matt Kuchar holds the 36 hole lead at the Riv

Second round of the Genesis Invitational at the Rivera Country Club in Los Angeles, Ca on February 14, 2020. Jevone Moore

After two days of Golf at  Riviera Country Club,  Rory Mcllroy is just 2 shots back from the lead at -7, trailing Matt Kuchar who stands alone at the top at -9.

This is the first time Kuchar has grabbed a lead in the first two days since the 2011 Northern Trust.

Rory Mcllroy during the Second round of the Genesis Invitational at the Rivera Country Club in Los Angeles, Ca on February 14, 2020. Jevone Moore

“Yeah, it definitely wasn’t my best stuff today. Certainly glad to be in the clubhouse at two under, nine under total, said Kuchar, “You think of Riviera and you think of what a great golf course. I feel like it’s a golf course that has withstood the test of time.”

Harold Varner III will be in the last group just two shots off the lead -7, will be the third man in leading group trio. With Varner shooting a opening round of 67 and today 68 he is right there for a shot at a great weekend.

” I feel like I was pretty close the last few events, just I haven’t played the weekends, so it kind of sucks, said Varner, “Yeah, just do my job, keep having fun. I enjoy playing golf.”

Tournament host, Tiger Woods, is at E after the first two days of the Genesis Open and made the cut. Many fans will be happy to see him playing into the weekend. Expect Riviera to be jam packed.

Justin Thomas hitting a shot out of the bunker. Photo by Jevone Moore

“It’s not the first tournament I’ve hosted, I’ve been a part of. I’ve been doing this for a very long time, said Woods, “So it’s not that complicated, I just need to clean it up, but I’m now pretty far back and I have to make a lot of birdies this weekend.”

The lowest score of the day belonged to Adam Scott. He shot a bogey – free round 64 as he jumped 60 spots and is tied for 5th at -6.

Mexican Carlos Ortiz dropped 4 spots, taking him out of the top 10 and tied for 11th at -1 with American, Dustin Johnson.

Johnson had a more than solid second round shooting -5 for the day, propelling him 64 spots and 5 stokes back from the lead.

Spaniard, John Raymond is also in the mix tied at 11th with several other notable players like Justin Rose, Paul Casey, and Bryson Dechambeau.

Jordan Spieth watches his tee shot during the Second round of the Genesis Invitational. (photo by Jevone Moore)

Phil Mickelson and Bubba Watson were among the notable stars who missed the cut.

Watson won the Tournament in 2018

The leaders will tee off at 10 o’clock Saturday to kickoff as the featured group.

Matt Kuchar kicking off the Genesis Invitational

Matt Kuchar in the fairway of opening round of the Genesis Invitational at the Rivera Country Club in Los Angeles, Ca on February 13, 2020. Jevone Moore

Pacific Palisades, CA – Unlike years past the weather for this Valentine weekend for the Genesis Invitational is clear blue skies all weekend. Matt Kuchar jumped out to (-7) under par to hold a three shot lead going into day two.

Matt Kuchar leads the Genesis Invitational at the Rivera Country Club in Los Angeles, Ca on February 13, 2020. Jevone Moore

Kuchar had the morning tee time starting on the back nine playing the course backwards.

“This is the best I’ve ever seen this place. Weather was just perfect, hardly a breath of wind. Course is in great shape,” said Kuchar, “I happened to hit a perfect drive just on the fringe of the green and was able to two-putt for birdie. Birdied 11 and that was just a nice way to start the day.”

The pace for was set earlier with second half of the field had to try and make some birdies to catch him sitting in clubhouse safe for the day.

Tiger Woods at the Genesis Invitational at the Rivera Country Club in Los Angeles, Ca on February 13, 2020. Jevone Moore

The crowds were nice for a Thursday with this now being an Invitational verse the Open which this tournament had been for years. Tiger Woods now sponsoring this tournament and field shrunk by about 20 players for the new format.

Tiger Woods teed off with a nice swell of views looking to brave the course following close by outside the ropes. On the first hole Tiger had a put the 24’8 foot put that he eagled to get off to a great start to what could be a great weekend.

“As I said, ironic that having those two numbers. And then No. 8, happened to hit one in there close and had a nice little kick-in there for birdie,” said Woods, “You know, no matter what we do, I think for a while we’re going to always remember Kobe and what he meant, and especially here in SoCal and the entire sports world.”

Harold Varner III at the Genesis Invitational at the Rivera Country Club in Los Angeles, Ca on February 13, 2020. Jevone Moore

There were a few players who had golf shoes or outfits that showed tribute to the late Kobe. Justin Thomas had a custom pair with Kobe NBA logo on one side, then a dunking Kobe on the right shoe. The heels had Mamba Mentality 8 / 24 in Lakers colors.

Tiger’s round stay steady then finished on down note on back nine. Friday with a early tee time he will be right back at it.

“I’ve been getting up pretty early, so it will be a quick turnaround, get back at it,” said Woods, “Hopefully I can hit it as good as I did on that front nine to give myself a number of looks for the entire 18 holes, not just nine holes.”

Woods with eye of the Tiger at the Genesis Invitational at the Rivera Country Club in Los Angeles, Ca on February 13, 2020. Jevone Moore

Harold Varner III got off to a good start with (-3) under par finishing the first round tied for third.

There is still a lot of golf to played here before the weekend cut.

Seniors lead USC to a 62-56 win over Washington

USC men's basketball game at Galen Center on February 13, 2020 (Photo by Stephanie Lovell)

Los Angeles, CA – USC snapped a three-game losing streak with a 62-56 win over Washington Thursday night at the Galen Center. Two seniors led the way for the Trojans as Nick Rakocevic scored 19 points and grabbed nine rebounds. Jonah Mathews finished with 16 points, including four three-pointers.

Washington vs USC men’s basketball game at Galen Center on February 13, 2020 (Photo by Stephanie Lovell)

“It was a great win for us,” USC coach Andy Enfield said. “We really battle. We were a little inconsistent in the first half. It was a rough week. We had 8 guys show up tonight and compete. Other guys stepped up, our team rallied around that.”

The Trojans took an early 16-13 lead on Max Agbonkpolo three-pointer but the Huskies used a 7-0 run to take a 20-16 lead in the first half. Washington made 43.3 percent of its first-half shots and with the help of a 10-3 run, the Huskies went into halftime with a 30-25 lead. 

Washington vs USC men’s basketball game at Galen Center on February 13, 2020 (Photo by Stephanie Lovell)

“We knew at halftime that we were going to have to win on the defensive end,” Enfield said. “The game is slower when you play Washington because they play zone. We had to manage our possessions.”

USC scored the first nine points of the second half to take a 34-30 lead and turned up the intensity on defense. The Trojans held Washington scoreless during a seven-minute stretch while going on a 16-4 run. 

“It was all about patience,” Rakocevic said. “The first time we played them, I sped up, turned the ball over and didn’t take good shots. Today I played better. It was a good team win tonight. My teammates were looking for me in the paint.”

Washington vs USC men’s basketball game at Galen Center on February 13, 2020 (Photo by Stephanie Lovell)

A game after committing 24 turnovers at Arizona State last Saturday, USC had a season-low six turnovers tonight.  

Former USC Trojan DeMar DeRozan had his No. 10 jersey retired at halftime. DeRozan is a four-time NBA All-Star and Olympic gold medal-winning guard who played at USC during the 2008-09 season, averaging 13.9 points as a freshman. He led USC to the 2009 Pac-10 title, scoring 25 points in the championship game against James Harden and ASU. DeRozan was named Pac-10 Tournament MVP. He played 9 seasons with Toronto and his last two for San Antonio, where he is averaging 23.0 points per game this season. 

“Anytime DeMar DeRozan comes back, it’s a special moment,” Rakocevic said.” He’s a real cool dude.” 

The Trojans are back in action Saturday when they host Washington State.USC defeated the Cougars in their first meeting on Jan.2. 

Kansas City Chiefs Win Super Bowl LIV

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes #15 back to pass at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum in Los Angeles, Ca on November 19, 2018. Jevone Moore

MAMI, FL – Trailing in the 4th quarter, the Kansas City Chiefs scored 21 unanswered points to capture Super Bowl LIV over the San Francisco 49ers, 31-20 on Sunday, February 2nd. It’s Kansas City’s second Super Bowl victory, the first for Chiefs head coach Andy Reid and Super Bowl MVP Patrick Mahomes.

“We never lost faith, found a way to get it done late,” said quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

At the tender age 22 warm Mahomes becomes the youngest quarterback to ever win a Super Bowl and MVP. Despite throwing two second half interceptions, he finished strong going 26 of 42 for 286 yards. It has been fifty years since Kansas City last Super Bowl victory.

The Chiefs 21 point onslaught took little over five minutes.

San Francisco jumped out to a 20-10 lead in the third quarter.

With 2:44 left in Super Bowl LIV, Mahomes threw a 5-yard screen pass to Damien Williams for the go ahead score.

Red and yellow confetti fell down on Hard Rock Stadium, an incredible conclusion to the NFL’s 100th season.

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