By Terry Collins

“You should know me” is an ongoing column that is intended to introduce accomplished Bay Area artists and entertainers to the mainstream media.

Image result for veronica timmsI have the pleasure of introducing you to Veronica Timms.  Veronica, affectionately known in the industry as “Ronni” is a talented and gorgeous songstress that has performed with Lenny Williams, Chico Debarge, Michele, Christopher Williams, Yo-Yo, Raheem DaVaughn, Adrienne Marcel and many others.

Since 1998,Ronni has performed on countless songs, completed 2 albums, 3 music videos, and owns V’enti cosmetic line.  It would seem logical that she would have blown up or been delivered to your timeline via social media. Too often, the general public’s knee jerk reaction is to assume that the artist is not talented or has some personal issues that prevent rising to the next level.  I presented some of these questions to Ronni and requested nothing but the uncut truth.

Who is the artist Veronica Timms?

 Music saved my life. I am divorced and have a 30 year old son. I am my mother’s only child who grew up cute and spoiled in Oakland.  My family and friends bullied me because I was small in stature.  My youth also provided a healthy musical foundation.  Ledesi lived across the street from me and we used to write songs as kids in junior high.  Raphael Siddiq also stayed down the street.  As a young child, I fell for Sam Cooke, Mini Riperton, Billy Holiday and the Blues. Now, I have matured into a strong and aggressive woman that refuses to be mistreated.  However, underneath this hard exterior, is still a soft person that loves “lullaby music.  My song “Be With Somebody” is my female anthem.  I would like people to hear my voice and get chills, feel the emotion, love the arrangements, and relate to the lyrics.

What are the common factors that prevent talented people from becoming mega stars?

Sometimes it is as simple of getting “the break” or you just “lucked up.”  You really have to know someone in the industry.  There are famous artists, such as Goapele, who wisely spent her money on a publicist who was instrumental in getting the necessary exposure.  Also, we are still parents and have financial obligations.  Your relationship can also handcuff your opportunities. I believe many women mistakenly suppress their dreams and opportunities for the sake of their current relationship. Marrying too young and being in an unhealthy relationship hindered my career.  I have also seen others elect to pursue other dreams or opt to satisfy an immediate financial demand.  They simply gave up. 

What really happens behind the curtain in the industry?

You really need a competent person that knows how to collect the money.  For me, my mother is my “De-Bo” that will ensure that I’m getting my money as promised.  As a female, you have to be careful not to mix business with pleasure.  Only experience can help you detect a person’s true intentions.  You can have amazing chemistry with someone and create beautiful music. Unfortunately, when the relationship sours, it can have an adverse effect on the future. You also have to engage with the right promoter that knows how to book you and get the proper exposure.  Locally, “Grasshopper” is really doing his thing promoting local artists.  Promoters will try to pay you $100 to perform.  You have to know how to demand your worth. 

What are the lessons that you have learned?

I have to be a better judge of character.  You have to always be on time.  You also need to be ready to work tomorrow, despite what is happening in your personal life.  You eventually learn how to handle the emotions of being rejected or denied an opportunity.  You come to almost expect rejection.  However, this is when it is most important to write and create music.  In addition, your management team has to make prudent decisions.   There are some local artists that got paid and their team mishandled the money.  They failed to reinvest into the music.  After a while, the artist gets frustrated and loses their desire to be part of the industry.  The talent never fades, but the desire and dream is crushed.

What is your next move now that you are no longer a rookie?

 I am currently working on new music.  I plan to release my new music and videos by the end of the summer 2019.  As a licensed cosmetologist, I launched V’enti, my own cosmetic line of high-end lip glosses and eyelashes.  I will continue to walk my dogs, roller skate and enjoy life.  I hope people will continue to enjoy what I am trying to share with the world.

I thoroughly enjoyed writing this piece and only hope to introduce you to some of the finer people that the Bay Area has to offer.  I encourage you to support Veronica Timms and judge her for yourself.  You can find her music on Spotify, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram@veronicatimmsmusic, and V’enti at

Veronica Timms


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