The Washington Huskies Make Big Plays for CFP

Colorado Buffalos vs Washington Huskies at Levi's Stadium on December 2, 2016. (Photo by Jevone Moore/Full Image 360)

Santa Clara, CA – The PAC-12 Conference had all the College Football Playoffs eyes to see the Washington Huskies make big plays to defeat Colorado Buffaloes 41-10.

Washington had some big plays from their defense that held Colorado to only one touchdown for the game. They knocked Colorado quarterback out the game in second quarter to add more headaches.

A true freshman Taylor Rapp was the PAC-12 Championship game MVP for the game, having two interceptions and a touchdown.

“I was dropping back and saw the quarterback throw was going high,” said Rapp “my guys made great blocks and allowed me to score.”

All night long from pressure on the quarterbacks, to stuffing the run Washington defense showed they are primed to win a championship. They held Colorado to 82 yards rushing on the night, and 163 total yards.

On the offense Washington took a different game plan from normal establishing the running game tonight with 265 yards on the ground. Myles Gaskin who averaged 5.5 yards a carry lead the Huskies with 159 yards rushing.

“Sacrifice your body and reward your soul,” said Gaskin “We listened to coach Pete and look where we are now.”

After a great win by Washington winning the Championship it will now depend on committee of the College Football Playoff to decide where they will play their bowl game.

If they remain in the top four they could be heading to Peach Bowl to face No. 1 Alabama. Or if Virginia Tech can defeat Clemson tomorrow in the ACC Championship that could have Washington move up to No. 3 and play in Fiesta Bowl verse Ohio State.

This Washington team played hard for they coach and bought into his system. Playing in the PAC-12 conference with nine conference games is no joke.

“We kept working, kept being a team and not point fingers,” said Chris Petersen


Now both teams will go home and get some rest so their teams can stay hungry and fresh for their bowl games that will be selected on Sunday “Selection Sunday”