NPHC Greeks Service to Our Youth – Compton Centennial HS

Compton, Ca- It’s always a way to make change, that can lead to a DREAM! Today at Compton Centennial High School the youth received a special treat and trust of positive energy. The Brothers of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc. Los Angeles Alumni Chapter chose Compton Centennial High School for their adopted school program.

Today service was from the heart of each person who went into a classroom and spoke about their experiences in life. A common theme echoed by the adults to the youth today was strive for college, go after your dreams and write them on paper. The great teachers at Centennial allowed for a break in class time for their students to be inspired by business professional who graduated from college against different obstacles.

Brother Sherman Mitchell a Sigma, CSUN Alum from Compton High School shared how he sat in these same seats next door and choose to make a choice of following his dream. Now two master degrees later, being a homeowner in Compton and still being a positive influence to his community.

The Sigma’s have been doing programs at Centennial for the last couple years. The school’s great leadership has allowed for a great partnership. Michael Baslee Activities Director at the school who also teaches a leadership, History classes at Centennial is a member of Phi Beta Sigma. He has been a guiding force to allow other opportunities like this to serve on campus and make direct impact. Also giving support is Principal of Operations Douglas Brown who had some of his brothers from Kappa Alpha Psi also attend today’s event of speaking to the youth. We even had few women from the Sororities of Zeta Phi Beta, & Alpha Kappa Alpha. After the event Brown said, “Next year we would like to have all nine greek organizations here.”

So Thank You from the Centennial Community to the Brothers of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc.

Take look below at little fun strolling at Lunch time for the youth in the quad.