San Diego Chargers Win at Home

San Diego Chargers Danny scoring a Touchdown. Photo by Jevone Moore
San Diego Chargers Danny scoring a Touchdown. Photo by Jevone Moore

San Diego, Ca – In a close 5 point win at Qualcomm stadium against Detroit Lions. The San Diego Chargers open this NFL season maybe for the last time if they team relocate to Los Angeles. The home fans saw Phillip Rivers throw 42 times with 35 completions for 404 yards and 2 touchdowns.

The 33 – 28 win wasn’t perfect over Detroit but all you need to do is win week after week. So now going on road next week the Chargers know how to win. The running game didn’t fill stat sheets, Danny Woodhead did get on the score board for two touchdowns on 42 yards. The Chargers rookie Melvin Gordon was leading rusher for his team with 51 yards. The Lions rookie Ameer Abdullah was most impressive on his first NFL carry for 24 yard touchdown and left Chargers safety grabbing all air.

The big story line pregame was Lions Calvin “Megatron” Johnson who was held to 2 catches for 39 yards vs Chargers Keenan Allen pulled in 15 catches for 166 yards. Rivers put a lot of pressure on his offensive line having them slow down the Lions rush for over 40 pass plays due to playing from behind most of the game.

Head Coach Mike McCoy was pleased with the overall performance, know that this was game one and team is still going to get better each week. McCoy was the most  impressed by team he said, “We stick together and we play as one” . Being one is always helps because the house in not divided. As this team goes through the season they will need something to stand on, Rivers “We are still building our identity”

So the Chargers will thank the Lions for the two turnovers in 3rd quarter that helped get the game back to striking distance. Both of these teams will have an opportunity next week to get better and a win. The Lions will travel to face Minnesota who will be coming off a short week after a Monday night contest. Then the Chargers will face Cincinnati in Ohio in the earlier game back east.