Patrick Mahomes Lights Up Stat Charts

Patrick Mahomes 2018 season kind of feels like Dak Prescott’s 2016 season, except Mahomes has a better arm than Prescott and a much better coach in Andy Reid.

Notice how Mahomes and Reid communicate with one another on the sideline. During Monday night’s comeback victory against the Denver Broncos, Mahomes could’ve very well been mistaken for a calm Tom Brady or a cool Drew Brees leading his team back.

Are you a believer yet? Are you paying attention to what’s happening in Kansas City? The Chiefs have a new hero, with funky hair and a raspy voice. His name is Patrick Mahomes.

While the NFL season is still young, 23-year-old Mahomes already appears to be the league’s “feel good” story of the year.

So what’s so special about the former Texas Tech quarterback?

Can he scramble? Absolutely. Are his receivers working to get open for their quarterback? Most definitely, which is a good sign that the Chiefs wideouts are fans of the young quarterback. Is he allowed time in the pocket to analyze the field? Well, he’s only been sacked five times. This tells us his offensive line is working hard to protect their quarterback.

Does he give a good interview? Mahomes certainly does exude a less-than arrogant degree of confidence. Despite the raspy voice, he speaks like a veteran set out to win games as opposed to just filling up the stat charts.

But Mahomes is filling up the stat charts, and rather impressively. In just four games, he has thrown for 1,200 yards and an NFL leading 14 touchdowns. Mahomes has completed 65 percent of his passes and boasts a 126.5 quarterback rating. Only the Rams’ Jared Goff has a better quarterback rating.

Rams QB Jared Goff (Photo by Jevone Moore)

Last year Mahomes sat and waited patiently for his chance behind veteran Alex Smith. With Smith now in Washington, the young quarterback is capitalizing on the opportunity to shine as Kansas City’s star quarterback.

Of course the naysayers won’t be convinced that Mahomes is the “guy” in KC until he gets his team to the playoffs and advances. At this point – considering his accuracy, his legendary coach and his confidence – we have no reason to believe that Mahomes can’t keep the Chiefs atop the AFC.

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