PAC-12 Media Day 2018 Action Packed

(Photo by Jevone Moore/Full Image 360)

Hollywood, CA – The  kickoff to an exciting PAC-12 season has begun with Media Day 2018 at Hollywood & Highland inside the Dolby Theater on Wednesday.

The day was action packed for the coaches, players, and the media who were on hand for this single day event. With everything going on in a few different places it was almost sensory overload. Luckily with the fun photo booth that was on hand was set up for Slow Motion.

With the addition of five new high profile coaches coming into the conference the coach talent level keep rising high and higher. Just imaging putting all twelve of them inside of a football think tank, nothing would be impossible.

Kicking off the day was PAC-12 Commissioner Larry Scott giving us a view of the conference from 30,000 feet in the air across all sports.

“Last year, the Pac-12 brought home 12 NCAA Championships, more than twice the next highest conference, and that’s in addition to ten runner-up finishes on top of that, said Scott, “The total number of Pac-12 Championships now stands at 513. We’ve led the nation in NCAA titles for 13 straight years, 17 of the last 18 years, and 52 of the last 58 years.”

Each team brought along two players to represent their school to the media on hand. It was a resounding sound bite, I’m honored and glad to be here.

On the field this year in College Football there were some rule changes and a big one was on Special Teams. With the change in fair catch that can neutralize a great return specialist.

Fair catch of free kicks

  • If a player on Team B makes a fair catch, the ball becomes dead where caught and belongs to Team B on that spot.
  • If a free kick is caught behind a team’s 25-yard line, the ball belongs to the receiving team at its own 25-yard line. The ball will be put in play midway between the hash mark unless relocated before the play clock is at 25 seconds.

So anytime a kick is short of end zone make sure fair catch because you will get ball at 25. This can be a big switch in field position.

The PAC-12 this year has some key matchups with other Power 5 conferences to allow for some explosive football for the country to see.


Sept 1 Oregon State at Ohio State                          Sept 1 Washington at Auburn

Sept 8 UCLA at Oklahoma                                        Sept 8 Colorado at Nebraska

Sept 8 Michigan St at Arizona St                             Sept 15 USC at Texas

Stay tune for the best sound bites form the coach’s during media day.