NBA Finals Statistical Prediction

Golden State Warriors forward Kevin Durant #35 at Staples Center on April 21, 2019. (Photo by Jevone Moore)

The NBA Finals this year are a battle between two teams on the opposite side of the spectrum. The Golden State Warriors looking to capitalize on another championship and the Toronto Raptors who are playing their first ever Finals game in franchise history.

One question on every fans mind is who will take the championship? After game 2 on sunday and Using the stats from both teams through every round and every game in the playoffs an answer could be found.

Taking their round percentages in shooting from the field, 3pt and at the line along with other stats such as turnovers per round, rebounds and assists comparing the teams, looking at consistency and who will come out on top from a numbers standpoint.

Round one for the Toronto Raptors saw them tipping off against the Orlando Magic and winning the series in five games. Through the round the Raptors shot 202/422 from the field coming in at 47.8%.

Toronto Raptors Pascal Siakam (#43) warms up at Staples Center in 2018. (Photo by Jevone Moore)

From the 3pt they shot 60/163 shooting shy of 40% at 36.8%. From the line they shot 68/81 and shooting 83.9%.

The Raptors averaged 45 rebounds per game and finished with a round total of 223 rebounds. In assists they averaged 25 per game and finished with 131 in the round.

The Raptors saw a large amount of turnovers through the first round as they averaged 14 turnovers a game and finished with a round total of 60.

Round one for the Golden State Warriors was a tough battle as it led to a game six against the Los Angeles Clippers.

Golden State shot 268/534 from the field for 50.1% and 77/193 from the 3pt line for a 39.8%.

From the line the Warriors shot 134/155 for an 86.4%. In rebounds they had 276, 187 assists and 86 turnovers through six games.

After looking at the numbers put up in the first round both teams are almost identical with Golden State taking a slight lead but also playing one more game than the Raptors.

Round Two saw the Raptors facing an exciting game seven against the Philadelphia 76ers.

From the first round the Raptors saw their percentages fall slightly as they shot 253/581 from the field for a 43.5% and 68/228 from the 3pt line for a below 30% at 29.8%.

At the line they shot 137/169 for 81% and totaled 279 rebounds. They also had 137 assists and 73 turnovers through seven games.

The Warriors faced off against the Houston Rockets in what would turn into six games.

They had dropped percentages in all categories and increased their turnover by 10 without a game seven. They shot 245/521 from the field for 47% and 69/199 from the 3pt line for 34.6%.

At the charity stripe they shot 11/144 for 77% and added up a total of 226 rebounds, 166 assists and 96 turnovers through six games.

In the second round the Warriors outplayed the Raptors by an average of 4% in every category and kept the Warriors at a more consistent play from the first round to the second.

In round three the Raptors would once again go on to a game six finish against the Milwaukee Bucks.

The Raptors in round three kept their percentages close to what they were in the second round keeping things consistent.

Raptors shot 219/526 from the field clinging to a 41.6% and 86/230 from the 3pt line at a comfortable 37.3%.

At the line the Raptors shot 122/151 for 80.7% and tacked up 268 rebounds, 135 assists and 69 turnovers.

Round three saw the Golden State Warriors sweep the Portland Trailblazers in four games and saw brothers Seth and Steph Curry play against each other.

The Warriors played better basketball as they increased all of their stats from round two as they shot 171/349 from the field at 48.9% and 46/127 from the 3pt line for 36.2%.

The Warriors also 71/87 at the line for 81.6% and added 197 rebounds, 117 assists and 58 turnovers in the round.

Through the third round the Warriors are playing much better basketball and more consistent basketball from a numbers standpoint.

The fourth and final round of the NBA Finals is currently underway as the Toronto Raptors take on the Defending Champions the Golden State Warriors and are at a stalemate as the series is tied at one a piece 1-1.

In the field through the first two games the Warriors are 72/160 at 45% and the Raptors are shooting 74/171 at 43.2%.

The Warriors are shooting 25/65 from the 3pt line at 38.5% and the Raptors are 24/71 for 33.8%. The Warriors are 49/54 from the line for 90.7% while the Raptors are 50/58 at 86.2%.

Warriors are leading the Raptors in two categories. Rebounding at 80, assists 63 and turnovers at 31. While the Raptors are struggling as they are rebounding 72 through two games, 52 assists and 25 turnovers.

Looking at all of the rounds and the last two finals games it is safe to say that the Golden State Warriors are going to be NBA Champions once again. Although the percentages are close this series may go a full seven games.