Miss Duniya Beauty Pageant

Los Angeles, Ca-Live at the Sofitel Hotel will be the site for this year highly anticipated Kick-Off Party for Miss Duniya Beauty Pageant 2015. Special guest will include Elliot Yamin, Jeffery Christopher Todd, Sid Mallya, Gulshan Grover, Pooja Batra and many others.The pageant itself provides an opportunity for young women to engage in a glamorous display of beauty, poise, grace, intelligence and humanity. The pageant will be an exciting multi-media entertainment event. Using state of the art web platforms, it will allow the public to engage with young contestants over the course of the pageant activities including the final crowning of our “Miss Duniya” for 2015.

Miss Duniya is a global beauty pageant which will make its debut in December of 2015 in the Entertainment Capital of the Duniya Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. The pageant is futuristic, and seeks to “Empower Women” from all walks of life. Very attractive cash and other prizes are available for our finalists. The winner of the pageant will also be closely associated with the Miss Duniya Team in lending a helping hand towards uplifting people less fortunate than herself.

Miss Duniya celebrates the empowerment of women in every facet of life. Our pageant will be a stepping stone for women who envision to empower other women by giving them a platform where they can provide a helping hand and voice their opinion globally. Women achieve their success in many ways, whether it is as mothers and family matriarchs, as executives, as politicians, or as scholars and now they will as a beauty queen. – Women all around the global are climbing the ladder of success one step at time. The Miss Duniya organization believes every woman should be empowered to fulfill her destiny. We will spread the message to help every young woman believe in herself and her future, and to further be a leader and a role model for their community. Our message for all women throughout the Duniya is: “Believe in yourself, become who you are meant to be.” We strongly support the idea that knowledge is power. By educating themselves and the community globally it will allow a new avenue to open up to myriads of beliefs that will shed light into accelerating women empowerment. By becoming an advocate and helping educate the society on what the true beauty of women empowerment is, any woman will be able to become “Miss Duniya”.

For more info please go to http://missduniya.us/ or contact Charmaine Blake PR Firm