Matadors Couldn’t Kill The Trojans

Los Angeles, CA – USC Trojans men’s basketball team hosted the CSUN Matadors at the Galen Center in Los Angeles, California.

The Trojans are on a roll. Strutting through the streets of Los Angeles with 4 wins, all the while handing the Matadors there 7th  all time loss with a final score USC 96 CSUN 61.

When you sit back and look at the stats from tonight’s game it read like a fine Greek Tragedy, USC field goal percentage was at 48.7 while CSUN was at 33.4.  The Matadors not able to pull out one 3 point shot in the first half. USC’s biggest lead of the game was 36 points. Jordan McLaughlin had 20 points, 9 defensive rebounds and 6 assist, Julian Jacobs had 11 rebounds to pair with his 10 assist, and Katin Reinhart, Bennie Boatwright and Nikola Jovanovic with a combine point total of 39 you know the Trojans were the stars on the floor that’s not to say that the Matador’s Jason Richard (18 points), Olalekan Ajayi (12 points) and Tavrion Dawson (11 points) did their best to slow the Trojans down to no avail. I mean the Matadors looked like they just couldn’t catch a break or find the grove what so ever.

The Trojans are looking like they are on fire. I mean just steam rolling their competition. Today was no exception.  The Matadors at best looked at their best to be the Trojans practice squad, at worst Stonehenge.  The Trojans have been playing smart, physical, fast, and unselfish. They’ve achieved clear growth over last season.  With all those previously mentioned improvements and brazen wins have the Trojans been challenged enough on these season openers to prepare them for the next big team match ups on the East Coast next week? Oh where’s a good fortune teller when you need one.