Love & Football in the Desert

Deray Davis

Phoenix, AZ – The Laughs kept rollin’ like a tumbleweed in the desert at the Herberger Theater for Chocolate Sunday’s “Love & Football” Comedy Show Edition.

Host Deray Davis kept the crowd on the edge of their seats with the jokes the audience could relate too. He spoke about how he used to beg for more appearances just to get more work and in front of the people to get his material out.

He gave credits the great John Singleton for allowing him to get more exposure on the big screen as an actor.

Just Nesh

The promoters had some great local Arizona vendors for the two shows to enjoy on the patio and the second floor. On the patio Broom Brush Tea was serving hot teas and dried tea to enjoy at home.

Up stairs the hall had a silent auction and host of venders that included it So Fresh Smells selling all natural products.

DJ Side Kick worked the ones & twos spinning the records get the crowd hyped and ready in true fashion. Pre-opening act was comedian Torance.


The full lineup included D’Lai, Just Nesh, CP and Michael Blackson.

This was the right mix of comics with varies styles that kept the crowd laughing and the vibe.

Love & Football packed out both the 7:oo pm and 9:30 pm shows. Arizona showed up and received the stress relief and a great time of laughter on a Friday night.  

Michael Blackson

You can catch Chocolate Sunday’s back in Los Angeles at the Laugh Factory.