Long Beach Grand Prix Final Celebrity Race 2016

Long Beach, CA – This year will mark the 40th year for Toyota Pr0 / Celebrity race on April 16th on the streets of Long Beach. The Long Beach Grand Prix will continue on with the race being their 42nd year for the main races. Some familiar faces have chosen to be in this last race, 19 former winners to round out one of the largest fields.
On April 5th the Celebrities had the opportunity to participate in two practice rounds to get back acquainted with the speed of the cars and the track. This great event has been able to benefit RACE For Kids in the tune of over $2.3 million over the past 24 years. All good things must come to an end, two time winner Alfonso Ribeiro said, ““We love being here, I look forward to it every year, even when I wasn’t racing in it. I always looked out for what happened.”


Some might ask what brought on this change, The head sponsor Toyota is moving its North American headquarters from Torrance, Ca to Plano, Texas. So we can blame cheaper land, tax credits, tax incentives that the city of Torrance overlooked. Sometimes the grass is greener on the other side….

“Toyota said they weren’t able to commit to providing the support that’s required for the (pro/celebrity) race,” said Grand Prix of Long Beach President and CEO Jim Michaelian. “The cars, the mechanics, the training for drivers. It’s huge, and they felt that now that they’re in Texas, they were no longer able to keep the race going at a functional level.”

So fans better enjoy this race and cheer on their favorites celebrity as they blaze the track for the last time in Long Beach. The rest of Long Beach Grand Prix will continue at least to 2017 on paper based on the current contract.
For tickets or more info on 42nd 2016 Toyota Long Beach Grand Prix click here : 42nd TLBGP