He Really Knows It All

“I also withheld rain from you when the harvest was still three months away. I sent rain on one town, but withheld it from another. One field had rain, another had noe and dried up.”

Amos 4:7

Many believe that there is no God, and that things just happen. Not true at all. Here we are reminded of God’s sovereignty.

He causes the sun to shine, and the rain to fall. Whenever it rains, we are reminded that God is still in control and ‘He knows’ exactly what we need.

‘He knows’  when to answer our prayers, and when to come through for His children. ‘He knows’ what we need and what we ‘don’t’ need.

‘He knows’ what to use as tools in our lives to bring our the best in us, and get us to the place of trusting in Him. ‘He knows’ …we don’t.

Our job is to trust Him, and believe that ALL things are working together for our good and for His glory. Hold on child of God.. ‘HE KNOWS’. 

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Kurt Lykes is a published songwriter and author, and is currently the Director of Worship Arts at The Center of Hope in Inglewood, Ca. Kurt leads worship throughout the nation, his primary gift being one that equips and develops the Body of Christ in the area of worship. Kurt expresses his love and passion for his inspirational devotionals and songwriting by saying, "What comes from the heart reaches the heart, and I believe what people are searching for is something they can relate to. I believe my gift has been given to capture that reader and / or listener, and their heart, so that they can experience and prayerfully begin to understand God’s captivating love.”