Getting Your Kids to Activities Just Got Easier

Los Angeles, Ca – HopSkipDrive is a safe, reliable way to get your kids to their activities. Started by three professional LA moms, HopSkipDrive arranges rides for your kids (age 7+) with experienced, fully-screened caregivers. Safety is built into every step. Each driver goes through a highly selective, 15-point certification process, you can track the ride in real-time through the app, and we watch every ride in progress, too!  It’s a great way to simplify your life and let your kids participate in all the activities they want with less stress. Book a ride at It’s a great option for morning school drop-offs or afternoon pick-up too.

Using HopSkipDrive is easy…


Schedule a Ride.

Get Kate to ballet this Wednesday at 4, or Caden to karate every Tuesday at 3. Use your dashboard to set up your kids’ rides. Include any special location information about things like school sign-out procedures, pickup lines, and parking challenges. Rides must be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance so you can get information about your driver in plenty of time.

Meet your driver.

Virtually, that is. When you set up your ride, you will be matched with a driver. You will see their profile, picture and car information. Share this information with your child so they know who to expect. Also, if necessary, please provide your driver’s information for any required sign-out authorizations.

Track your child’s ride.

You can find the HopSkipDrive app in the iTunes app store. Be sure to download it to your phone so you can get real-time ride updates and track your child during the ride.

Enjoy peace of mind.

On the day of the ride you’ll get a reminder email with your driver’s profile and picture so you can show it to your child. At the time of the ride, the driver will arrive in an orange HopSkipDrive shirt, give your child their password and be on their way. You’ll be notified through the app and can track them in real time.

Book a ride or go check out HopSkipDrive

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