Get The Visine

‘Get The Visine’

“..and why do you behold the mote that is in they brother’s eye, but perceivest not the beam that is in thine own eye?

Luke 6:41

Check yourself. Stop looking around and finding so much to say about others. Spend more time focusing on your goals, your dreams, your family, your finances, your plans, your situation…and becoming a better you!

Everyone has issues. We all have sinned and continue to fall short of God’s glory..daily!

Why is it that we feel we can help solve everyone else’s problems, but have no resolve when it domes to dealing with our own stuff..?

Don’t be the judge. If you have nothing positive to say, keep quiet, keep it moving, and just pray!

If anything, be the shoulder that someone may need to lean on.

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Kurt Lykes is a published songwriter and author, and is currently the Director of Worship Arts at The Center of Hope in Inglewood, Ca. Kurt leads worship throughout the nation, his primary gift being one that equips and develops the Body of Christ in the area of worship. Kurt expresses his love and passion for his inspirational devotionals and songwriting by saying, "What comes from the heart reaches the heart, and I believe what people are searching for is something they can relate to. I believe my gift has been given to capture that reader and / or listener, and their heart, so that they can experience and prayerfully begin to understand God’s captivating love.”