Dez Bryant Has a New Home

Dez Bryant (Photo by Jevone Moore / Full Image 360)

All indications are that former Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant will soon sign with the New Orleans Saints.

What does this mean exactly?

1). The Saints, an already impressive team move into the conversation of Super Bowl contenders. Record-breaking quarterback Drew Brees will have Michael Thomas on one side and Dez Bryant on the other. With a pull-the-gun and pass coach like Sean Payton, the Saints will have an aerial attack that other teams will envy.

2). The Cowboys lose AGAIN. Letting Dez Bryant go was a huge mistake. Not bringing Bryant back, even after his humble Twitter acknowledgement that he would like to return was another mistake. On November 29, the Cowboys will face Bryant and the Saints. The Cowboys will lose that game.

Dallas Receiver Dez Bryant (88) catching a touchdown. (Photo by Jevone Moore)

One of the most consistent criticisms of Bryant has been his emotion. He’s proven to be a bit belligerent on the sidelines when things are going right.

The scary thing about Bryant being away from football for the first two months of the season – he’s had time to digest all of the talk about his antics. I do believe it has all humbled him, and he will be out to prove that he is still both a productive athlete and a good teammate.

The Saints win in this tale. The Cowboys lose again.