Come on Back Dez

Dez Bryant (Photo by Jevone Moore / Full Image 360)

Dear Jerry Jones, Dez Bryant is sorry and he wants to be back with America’s Team.

Do the right thing. Bring back Dez.

At this point in the NFL season, even the most loyal Dallas fan will struggle to name the Cowboys receivers beyond a hurt Cole Beasley and one Terrence Williams that most are willing to part with on any given day. Bring back Dez.

Sure, Bryant throws tantrums and sometimes he annoys our souls, but Dakota could definitely use another target. Bring back Dez.

We’re still not sure how you let both Bryant and Jason Witten leave in the same offseason, but Cowboys fans will let that blunder slide if Bryant returns to throw up the X for the remainder of this NFL season. Bring back Dez.

Dallas Receiver Dez Bryant (88) catching a touchdown. (Photo by Jevone Moore)

When asked Tuesday afternoon what team he plans to sign with, Bryant tweeted:

I’ll rather it be the Dallas Cowboys if not I’ll be ready to play somewhere else…     

If that’s not the most humble tweet we’ve seen from an athlete wanting to work, I don’t know what is.

What are the chances he returns to the Cowboys sideline acting a fool? What are the chances Bryant doesn’t complete his routes? What are the chances Bryant isn’t the perfect teammate this time around?

More importantly, what do the Cowboys have to lose?

While there may be a risk, there is even more reward for a Dallas team struggling to solidify an aerial attack. Bryant’s personality is an acquired taste, but no one has ever questioned his passion for the game or his desire to win.

Bring back Dez.