Colorado coach Karl Dorrell, is confident heading into 2020 season

CU mascot "Chip" being ran into field prior to CU vs Washington at Folsom Field on November 23, 2019 (Photo by Laura Domingue/fi360 News).

Colorado is expected to play their first regular-season game on November 7th against UCLA at home in Boulder. And according to the first-year coach Karl Dorrell, his team looks promising despite this not being a perfect scenario due to Covid-19.

“Will we be perfect? No, but I think we’ll show a great promise early on,” Dorrell said, “our team is excited about putting their hats, like all the other teams in the conference for a chance to go for the championship.”

According to Dorrell, his team will have 25 practices before their first game, and the team will work hard to ensure. He has yet to coach any practice due to Covid-19 since he was hired in February.

Colorado Buffaloes vs Oregon Ducks on October 12, 2019 (Photo by Megan Connelly)

The previous head coach Mel Tucker left in early February to go coaching in Michigan.

Of course, the team has had workout sessions during the off-season as they waited for the season to start. Luckily, Colorado is not the only team that’s dealing with a lack of practicing.

Dorrell is CU’s 27th full-time head coach, and on Wednesday, he addressed in a virtual session where he discussed everything about his team, including all the challenges ahead. He also shared his confidence in his team, and that it’s going to take hard work to develop a great product.

Nebraska Cornhuskers vs Colorado Buffaloes game on September 7, 2019 at Folsom Field. (photo by Laura Domingue / fi360 News)

According to Dorrell, he is not worried about the lack of spring and summer practices because every other team in their conference is facing the same problems. And his team his mentally prepared.

“I feel good about the mental aspect of our team, and that gives us a chance because their mindset is in the right place,” Dorrell said.

Last year Colorado was 5-7, with a 3-6 record in the Pac-12, so the challenges ahead for Dorrell are real. A shortened season means nothing will be easy for the road ahead of them, but as Dorrell pointed out, these challenges are nationwide, and it’s going to take 25 practices to prepare.