Salena Collins is Strengthening Her Community with Health

21 Day Yoga Challenge Pose Salena Collins - Photo by Jevone Moore / Full Image 360
21 Day Yoga Challenge Pose Salena Collins - Photo by Jevone Moore / Full Image 360

In the month of April, the US celebrated Public Health Week.

A little background about the week itself: During the first full week of April each year, APHA brings together communities across the United States to observe National Public Health Week as a time to recognize the contributions of public health and highlight issues that are important to improving our nation. For over 20 years, APHA has served as the organizer of NPHW. Every year, the Association develops a national campaign to educate the public, policymakers and practitioners about issues related to each year’s theme. APHA creates new NPHW materials each year that can be used during and after NPHW to raise awareness about public health and prevention. (

We had the pleasure of talking with Salena Collins, owner of the first yoga studio in Inglewood, California, Clear Gardens Yoga. Salena has made it her mission to change the community’s mindset of health–starting with its youth. She has created and implemented the first yoga curriculum in Inglewood Schools and is expanding to other cities.

Learn more about her powerful mission and vision below!

Empire Life: What led you to pursue a career in health education?
Salena Collins: My heart led me to a career in Mindfulness and Health. I strongly believe that mindfulness and health are one in the same. I began practicing Yoga at the age of 17 as a senior in high school. It was at the end of my first class in savasana that I knew I came across something good and life changing. I experienced clarity physically, by leaving any tension behind in class, and clarity mentally by simply tuning in to my breathing and finding an easy pattern.

It was with maturity and growth that I felt an urge to share this with people, children and adults. Children because they are our future, and if they are aware of the power of their thoughts and intentions they are unstoppable. Adults because they are a direct source for a child’s introduction to life, and it is a fact that you can only teach what you know.

EL: What’s your vision for expanding the message of health and yoga?
SC: The vision I hold of the expansion of health and yoga is clear and currently unfolding. The Balance of Life Project was created in 2015 and since has served over 6 ICEF schools. Inner City Education Foundation operates on 10 campuses that serve grades K-12. I intend to expand The Balance of Life Project into a non-profit organization, that encourages mindfulness and heath to all institutions in the Los Angeles area. I envision The Balance of Life Project being a foundational resource of self care for staff and children of schools, group homes, and camps. The focus will be health and mindfulness for everyone involved, because what one does will effect another.

EL: What one piece of advice you have for community-minded entrepreneurs?
SC: If I had one piece of advice for a community-minded entrepreneur, it would be a quote that I live by: how you do anything is how you do everything.

In other words, consistency, honesty, and intention begins with you.

The same focus and intention that you have with those things and/or experiences considered small translate to those things and/or experiences that you consider to be big or important. So start with what you have, and where you are. Growth is inevitable, lucky for us, that’s just how life works.

Keep in the loop with Salena and her amazing mission at her website and yoga studio!

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