Bruins Find Themselves Before Pac-12 Play

T.J. Harden breaks loose for a touchdown. (Photo by Jevone Moore / fi360 News)

Pasadena, CA – Even before their game against North Carolina Central, the Bruins found their quarterback. 

Dante Moore played for a good chunk of the first half, and he had much more poise than your typical true Freshman quarterback. On just the second play of the game, Kam Brown’s catch along the sideline from a floater turned into a 62 yard jet. The rest was history. 

“It is great to have a team win,” Moore said. “I got told about it in a dream last night and to make this actually happen was a dream that came to reality. To have the protections and to have the backfield that we have is truly incredible.”

UCLA Kam Brown #0 starts off the scoring feast. (Photo by Jevone Moore / fi360 News)

Moore was the only quarterback who threw for more than four attempts. With Moore’s 8 for 12 performance and two touchdowns, expect to see his number under center for the foreseeable future. 

“I thought Dante did a great job,” Kelly said. “He fit the ball very well into very tight spaces.”

A game like this should give some great sense of what Chip Kelly has to work with. As Utah comes next on their schedule, everything lies on what the offense can do to start on the right foot. 

“We used this game to correct our technique. We are noticing a sign of maturity,” Kelly said. “It was really followed this week through all of our practice. We have continued to train each week and have gotten better. They are continuing to grow. It was important to me to play so many guys and be able to see so many faces go out on the field. League play starts next week and with so many teams ranked in the conference, we have a battle.”

UCLA coach Chip Kelly cheers on fellow Bruins. (Photo by Jevone Moore / fi360 News)

Coach Kelly has to be thrilled about the rest of his offensive weapons. Carson Steele, T.J. Harden, and Colin Schlee combined for four touchdowns on the ground with over 210 yards rushing.Anthony Adkins led all rushers with just under 100 yards As a team they ran for over 400 yards. While the Eagles front was weak, the Bruins took command of every opportunity.

“We have a big physical back in Anthony,” Kelly said. “He played fullback in the Army, but he has a little bit of side to side movement and his techniques are developing. Anthony is really starting to push, but Carsona and T.J can do plenty to give Anthony a lot of support.”

It is also the perfect time for the Bruins to find themselves as eight of the 12 teams in the Pac-12 entered this weekend ranked, including UCLA. The game against Utah does start a stretch of three straight games against ranked opponents, which could determine in what direction the conference season will go for everyone. 

Davius Richard back to pass for NC Central Eagles. (Photo by Jevone Moore / fi3660 News)

“A win is a win. We got the team win and I am always happy when we win,” Moore said. “There are a lot of things that bring a lot of positivity with me. When it comes to me, personal stats I do not worry about. I want to control the huddle and let my team know I got my trust in them. I know I can do better but it’s great to learn in each game.”