Asics LA Marathon 30th Edition 2015

23rd Miles Marker at 30th Annual LA Marathon. All Photos by Full Image 360 / Jevone Mooe
23rd Miles Marker at 30th Annual LA Marathon.  All Photos by Full Image 360 / Jevone Moore

Los Angeles, Ca – On one of the hottest days in the Los Angeles Marathon 30 year history the Kenyans swept for men and women. With temperatures in mid 90’s for most of the race, Daniel Limo and Ogla Kimaiyo battled through to be victories in overall race. In the US only competition Jared Ward, Blake Russell take home USATF Marathon Championship.
The ASICS LA Marathon is an annual running event held each spring in Los Angeles, California. The 26.219 mile (42.195 km) footrace, inspired by the success of the 1984 Summer Olympic Games, has been contested every year since 1986.

While there are no qualifying standards to be eligible to participate in the ASICS LA Marathon, runners wishing to receive an official time must successfully complete the course in 6.5 hours. To date there have been 481,487 official finishers. Los Angeles is a popular venue for novice marathoners, and on average 53 percent of the runners who make up the field are attempting a marathon for the first time.

The 53 percent of the field are the people like you, not professionals but love the thrill of running and experiencing that runners natural high. Being a Marathoner takes you to challenge your mindset to make sure your will is stronger than your body. There are so many different stories of how each runner made it to the course. Some lost a bet, a few were encouraged by friends, another group joined a training group like LA Leggers and trained last few months. But whatever their story is, they all have one goal to cross the finish line.

FI360news Peter 1In this 30th edition of the Stadium to the Sea, we followed the game day triumph of three races. First racer 52 year old Peter Burnett hails from New York via Jamaica but now resides in Los Angeles. A school teacher / track coach in Compton School district by day and weekend warrior with over 20 marathon’s in his spare time. Burnett has been running for years with a group of guys Saturday mornings at 5am before the sun comes shining out. Then during the week more speed and power training on the well known Stocker hill in the Baldwin Hills area. Burnett was attacking this race at great pace averaging sub eight minute miles, at the 30K mark his project finish was estimated at 3:32:33. This is a race where anything can happen, Burnett began to feel sick and at the 22nd mile marker he had to be check by paramedics who said it wasn’t life threatening and it was his chose to go on and finish. His mind was stronger, willing his way to finish line with still a great time with break 4:06.

Racer May Hui all smiles at mile 23
Racer May Hui all smiles at mile 23

Second racer 42 year old female May Hui, originally from Needles, Ca now loving Los Angeles as a matchmaker and founder of Catch Matchmaking : . This was Hui 2nd LA Marathon that she tackled both with a friend Olivia Bias. They both joined the LA Leggers who is a popular, highly respected training group out of Santa Monica, Ca. The race is a time to have fun and enjoy the thrill and high of conquering the 26.2 miles course. We caught up with Hui just after the 23rd mile maker where she spotted me taking pictures on the course, “Jevone! Great to see you.” I sent my words of encouragement of you are almost there. Now with the race finished, Hui said “I Finished! Not a P.R. but Finished in 5:10:29. Pace 11:51.” So those words tell us this won’t be her last marathon race, P.R. look out Hui will be back.

Father and Son Mickey and Tee Barnes showing off Dads hardware.
Father Mickey and Son Tee Barnes showing off Dads hardware.

Third Racer 47 year old Mickey Barnes of Santa Monica, Ca. This was Barnes 6th LA Marathon, he started to run them when course first changed to the new route. The route change has been a great for the racers and Owner Frank McCourt (former owner of Los Angeles Dodgers). We caught up with Barnes on Bundy Dr. switching out his race shoes to his more comfortable training shoes. The minute he put them on a smile came upon his face. This change was made possible by a phone call to his family and made a spot on the course route to have a meet and greet. Barnes son Tee raced from the Mom’s car parked who knows how far down the blocks. Tee had everything need a few aspirin, a cold vitamin water and Dad’s previous five medals around his neck. The Barnes hope is to have his son run by his side for the next one in 2016, where Tee will be of age to register. Who knows how many marathon the legacy will produce when it’s all said and done.

So will you be added to the 53 percent of first time marathoners next year Sunday February 14th, 2016?