Anabel Muñoz of ABC7 Spoke at El Camino College for Hispanic Heritage Month

Torrance, CA – In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month El Camino College hosted ABC7 Eyewitness news Reporter Anabel Muñoz Thursday for a presentation, at 11a.m. in the east dining room.

Muñoz has her dream job now working for ABC7 news after Noticias MundoFOX 22 was forced to shut down. Taking a setback in stride provided her the opportunity to take a leap of faith and apply for ABC7 position.

Her presentation to a packed house of future journalists, and Spanish class students heard a few  highlights and challenges  of her career.

One proud moment that she called favorite story was about 18-year-old lady who grew up in foster care not knowing her family or biological father. Crystal reached out to Muñoz hoping she would help find her father. Muñoz pitched the story to her executive producer and soon the father-daughter were reunited.

From this and many other experiences  Muñoz said, “What I cover matters, ” and “Microphone is powerful”

Her typical day as a Multi Media Journalists (MMJ) requires her to self sufficient, from setting up her own camera, being solo on location, then editing the video before deadline of the news story. Not as glamorous as some would think, but so rewarding to Muñoz.

“I believe I can change the world.”, said Muñoz who encouraged the audience to use their gift / passion to change the world.

California demographics continue to change over time, while Muñoz being a bilingual reporter has made herself more valuable due to this skill set.

Growing up with immigrant parents who were raised in Mexico City before raising their daughter in the Bellflower area. Spanish was taught first at home with English being second, making the language barrier at school a hurdle to overcome. This became a big help during her last year in college when Muñoz decided to report in Spanish to aid the Hispanic community.

Muñoz was a bright light in the room and encouraged the audience to study abroad while they were still young to grow their life experiences.


Anabel Muñoz

College: Cypress College, Biola University, BA Journalism (Broadcast Emphasis) Minor in Biblical Studies

A general assignment reporter for ABC7 Eyewitness News in Los Angeles. Anabel was born and raised in Los Angeles — a city she loves for its people, diversity, beauty and influence. (Source ABC7)