A Greater Love

‘A Greater Love’

“For great is Your love, higher than the heavens.”

Psalms 108:4

The love of the Lord is indescribable at times..

He takes the broken hearted, and mends every piece. He takes the rejected and abandoned, and showers His acceptance and favor upon them.

It never matters how far you’ve strayed, or how long you’ve strayed, God’s arms are always stretched out and ready to receive the weary soul.

It is funny how the human mind thinks. When we are hurt or intentionally mistreated, we seek revenge and justification. We will even go as far to try and hurt the one who has hurt us even more than what they did to us.

Not so with the Father. We disobey daily, and yet He says “Come, I forgive you and I love you.”

We walk away from assignments that we ‘feel’ we can’t handle, and He says “It’s ok, get back up and try again, I am with you.”