The Pebble Beach Tournament is an experience that will help you think about what you want out of life and can motivate you to make those dreams come true. Watching the tournament on television captures the professional golfers and looks similar to the other tournaments where a few privileged individuals compete over the weekend for an insane amount of money. 

The average person cannot relate to this lifestyle. For the non-golfing spouse, who would want to stand around in silence while unknown people come to put a ball in a hole? Pebble will help you overcome this common misperception. Once you attend Pebble, you will return to Pebble. Here are 5 reasons why this experience may change your life. 

Harold Varner III (All Photos by Terry Collins)

1. It’s The Perfect Mix Of Golf And Entertainment

The competitors consist of the top-ranked golf professionals, the entertainers that brought you joy and the athletes that are part of your morning routine. The purse for the winner is $7.8 million and all the participants are serious players. No other tournament allows a fan to sunbathe on the beach, drink their favorite libation and wait for people that they know and love to continuously perform for them within 50 feet.  

You get to see the true pros Phil Mickelson, Jason Day, Kevin Streelman and the rest of the field attempt to chase down the winner Nick Taylor. The television cannot capture the energy of the tournament and the tension at the hole. You actually get to see the landscaping of the course, how the grass is contoured to make the ball curve, and how these pitfalls require a level of skill that your neighborhood golf course does not require. You will want to elevate your level of play to get to this level.Playing on a team with the pro is another person that has also brought you some fond memories. Whether it was the Great One Wayne Gretzky scoring the goal, Peyton Manning or Aaron Rogers throwing the touchdown pass that made you scream at the television, or Bill Murray making you laugh, they all are there to perform for you. You get to see the big screen come to life while these people are amenable to having a conversation with you after they leave the hole. There is someone for everyone that attends Pebble.

2. There Is Entertainment And Great Food At The Tournament

The tournament coordinators understand that people need to be entertained. In 2020, award-winning artist Macklemore was there to provide some entertainment. The AT&T Loft allows everyone to put on a simulator for free. The simulator moves and recreates the course and gives the average Joe a chance to see if he or she would have made the iconic shot from a previous tournament.  

There are amazing food vendors throughout the main course at Pebble where people can partake in everything from nachos to exotic seafood dishes. Many people opt to enjoy the wild décor of Clint’s Saloon or Palmer’s Club 18 presented by Citrix.

Pebble did not forget about the kids. Take the youngsters to the “Autograph Zone” where they can get a selfie and autograph from their favorite celebrity. During the tournament, many people log onto social media and post all the excitement of the event.

3. The Nearby Attractions Are Amazing

The tournament will be over by 5 pm. There are so many things to do that are within a 10-20 mile radius of the tournament. Many people opt to leave a little early to catch the perfect sunset while they drive or bike the infamous 17-Mile Drive. Others take a horseback ride on the Beach or visit Cannery Row and the Monterey Bay Aquarium. You can also find vintage and high-end arts and clothing as you shop on Ocean Drive at Carmel By the Sea. Fine dining, gourmet candy shops, and award-winning Vineyards and Tasting Rooms are 5 miles away in Carmel Valley. If you need some exercise, you can run along the beach at the nearby Monterey Tides or hike at Point Lobos or Big Sur. The white sandy beaches tend to provide for sanctuary and reflection that we all sometimes need. A few groups opted to travel to the places depicted in the phenomenal HBO Series Big Little Lies, which was filmed in Monterey, CA. 

4. The Energy From The Staff Is Amazing

The 3 courses at Pebble include the mainstay Pebble Beach, Monterey Peninsula C.C. Shore Course and Spyglass Hills. Every course is a postcard picture in itself and is the most diverse and magnificent scenery in golf. What is more impressive than the scenery are the people that host the tournament. The vast majority of personnel are volunteers. Instead of experiencing the underpaid worker that doesn’t truly want to be there, you get someone who is ecstatic to be there. One couple travels annually from Kansas City to help at the tournament. Even though they are escaping the winter in KC, they opt to spend the week helping you enjoy and understand the history of the tournament. Pebble also provides a huge party for its volunteers and makes sure that they are appreciated. There is another level of concierge and positive energy when the staff wants to be present. The energy from the time you enter the gates ofPeeble is extremely positive and refreshing. 

5. Pebble May Refocus Your Value System

There is nothing that challenges your value system like money. Pebble is affluent. As you to approach the course, you are surrounded by homes that cost $2 million. If you want a peek at the water, pay $4 million. If you want a home on the course, pay upward of $20 million. This will be your second home and you have not purchased furniture. 

There is nothing wrong with wanting to grind harder and achieve these goals. However, you see many couples holding hands while walking around. They tend to have been reminded that they are part of a team. A team that consists of more than money and things. The partnership and the journey are just as valuable as the purchase.   

In sum, the Pebble Beach Tournament may bring you fond memories, breathtaking views, great food and entertainment, and a renewed value system. Put it on your bucket list.