Hayes Pullard 4th Annual Football Camp

4th Annual Hayes Pullard Football Camp at Jackie Robinson Stadium at Rancho Cienega Park on July 14, 2018 (Photo by Jevone Moore/Full Image 360)

Los Angeles, CA – When the community that raises you with love and reproof you can’t help but give back. That’s what Hayes Pullard III from Crenshaw High has been doing the last four years, giving back to the community.

This year football camp was attended by over 300 youth from the age 6-17 at Jackie Robinson Stadium at Rancho Cienga Park. Pullard brought our former teammates from his communities Crenshaw District, Crenshaw High, USC Trojans and new Los Angeles Chargers family.

Each year with Pullard faithfulness he has grown his event and has aligned with some great sponsors / partners to make this an event the kids will never forget.

This year Los Angeles Lakers youth foundation stepped up again to help with some warm-ups drills to wake the campers muscles up. Then Pullard’s group of peers kicked in with the mentality they attack everything they do.. GUSTO – Grind Until Success Triumphs Odds –

“I love you guys (campers) so much,” said Pullard, “All the folks I brought out here to coach you guys are Alpha Males.”

A new addition to the camp was Sports Academy and their partner Next Up. So there were additional collegiate athletes getting an up close look at how being a professional on the next level.

So not only did the young campers get some training, the collegiate also some learning in too.

Pullard will be competing himself in few weeks for a starting linebacker spot with the Chargers. This will be his 4th season in the NFL fulfilling his dream and giving back at the same time.

To keep up with Hayes Pullard III you can go to www.pullard.com/